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Handwritten TAG



These are the books that I am able to take pictures of. I know they’re a lot but can you imagine that I have A LOT MORE? Some of my books are still in boxes and my Dad kept them in the basement. I just love READING! Yes, I have read them and I think I have to re-read them all over again! 🙂


Another addiction of mine is, mangolekta ng Japanese manga (comics) or anything related to Japanese animation.


Music, music, music! As you can see, nilagay ko lang ganyan cd’s k’se I am kinda tired now after all the heavy lifting (blame it on my books!) I did earlier. I also like listening to any kind of music even though I can’t understand what they’re singin’ about. 

Thanks for tagging me Rhapsody! I am tagging EVERYONE around the cyberspace to do this and have some fun! 🙂

Buhay Amerika Part 3

I was so tired last night so I took the time to set my alarm clock @ 4:30 am. I hate waking up early in the morning but I have to because I gotta go to work. Anyway, nakakayamot kapag pagod na pagod ako then bigla na lang mag-alarm yung clock. Annoying. Kakahiga ko pa lang but I feel like I’ve been robbed out of my own time. Sobra short ng time for me. Natural lang sa ‘kin na once tumunog na yung alarm clock, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to get up. So yeah, kung ilang beses ko press yung “snooze” button ng clock. I think, naidlip ulit ako for like…ahmm…10 minutes. Ayoko ma-late sa work ‘coz I really don’t feel comfortable rushing in the morning. I don’t know how many times I got late for work but it’s not really my fault. Most of my friends are aware of the fact that I don’t drive. I can’t. I don’t really wanna learn how to drive even though I know that I need to drive. I guess, I am just a bit scared about driving. Na-phobia na yata ako k’se naaksidente na kami minsan and I can’t forget what happened. Maybe, pag wala na public transportation, I’ll drag myself out from my fear of driving and yeah, I’ll do it.

Maraming mga bagay na nami-miss ko sa Pinas. Wala rin kaming TFC dito sa bahay k’se naisip ko wala naman manonood ng TV. Sayang lang monthly payment kung kukuha pa ng TFC. Besides, walang tao lagi dito sa bahay. Nagkikita lang kami dito kapag day off. Very hectic lifestyle dito and I feel guilty about it sometimes k’se hindi na ko nakakasulat sa relatives & friends ko sa Pinas. I would rather talk to them on the phone, send text messages or email instead of writing via postal mail. Nakakainis k’se ang mail delivery system sa Pinas. Laging nawawala ang mail ko. It’s probably because nakatatak eh selyo ng U.S. Wala naman laman pera yung letter pero ang ibang government employee diyan ay cannot be trusted talaga.

In random order, ‘to ang mga namimiss ko sa Pinas:

1. Fishball/Isaw/Kikyam at Dugo (pagkain agad inuna *lol*). Ngayon ko lang na-realized na yung sauce na sawsawan ay nakalagay lang sa isang container. Kaya yung laway ko, at laway n’ya at laway ng iba pa ay nagco-combine. Ewan ko ba kung ba’t ang sarap ng laway…este…fishball.

2. Uniwide (tama ba spelling ko?). Circa ’92 tambay ako lagi sa may bandang Cubao and I really like hanging out there sa Uniwide. Mura lang k’se ang mga bilihin at siempre pa, maraming cute guys sa loob ng store. At siempre rin, magpapacute ako *nyehehhe*

3. Water Buffalo (kalabaw). Maraming memories sa kin ang kalabaw namin. May nakaraan k’se kami (oyyy!). Nung bata pa k’se ako mahilig akong sumakay sa kalabaw with my friends Monalisa and Hilda. Takot ako sumakay sa kalabaw na mag-isa lang so lagi ako may kasama. Nung bata rin ako eh talagang marami akong alaga. Alagang kuto sa ulo (hahaha!) kaya nga minsan pinapaliguan ng Tita ko ang buhok ko ng vinegar (may balak yatang gawin paksiw ang mga nakokolekta nya). Eniwey, naisipan namin na sumakay sa kalabaw namin at mamasyal (tamad ako maglakad, halata ba?). While we we’re riding on the back, bising-busy naman yung kaibigan ko sa paghahalukay sa ulo ko. Fetish nya dati yung kutohan ako. At that time, I didn’t know na meron pala sumpong yung kalabaw namin k’se preggy pala. Basta ang nalaman ko na lang biglang nawala yung nangungoto sa buhok ko at ang bilis na ng takbo ng kalabaw (with me on the back!). Stupid kalabaw, di ko naman sinasabi na tumakbo siya bigla na lang tumakbo. Yung friend ko, muntik na siya matusok ng sungay nung letseng kalabaw namin. I heard namatay na rin yung kalabaw na yun k’se nalaglag yata sa may ilog. Tragic masyado death nya. May she rest in peace.

4. SM Centerpoint. Ahh, ‘to yung tambayan namin nung college. Malapit lang Centerpoint sa PUP kaya pagkagaling sa school, punta agad sa Centerpoint. Teka nga muna, ba’t nga pala ang daming motel sa may Stop & Shop?

5. Jeepney. Mapili ako sa jeepney. Hindi ako sumasakay sa jeep lalo na kapag hindi “patok” style at walang blasting music sa loob. At saka, ehem…sanay ako mag 1-2-3. Namimiss ko yung pagwa-1-2-3 ko k’se di naman ako nahuhuli. Ang sama ko!

6. Baha sa may parteng Sampaloc at Marikina. Namimiss ko yung paglalakad ko sa baha. Basta miss ko lang yun. Don’t ask me why.

7. Tutuban (‘to ba yung shopping center?). Maraming cute goodies dun sa loob ng Tutuban mall.

8. LRT. May papuntang LRT na ba sa Marikina?

9. Traffic. Nakakamiss yung traffic sa Metro Manila. Inaabot ng 2 or 3 hours traffic. Pwedeng pwede na mangulangot ka ng walang humpay. Ubos na kulangot mo hindi pa rin umuusad yung sasakyan. At saka yung T-shirt mong puti, nagiging kulay khaki. Di na kailangan pa mag-dye.

10. Dunkin Donuts, Greenwich, Jollibee, Shakeys, Chowking atbp. I admit…I am a glutton. Sobra!

I could list a lot more but I’ll do it some other time. I think I am just gonna take a nap for awhile and post somethin’ later on.


Anger Management

I am so pissed this morning! I slept late last night, I set my alarm clock @ 5 am so I can wake up early and be at work on time. I never heard my alarm clock ring! I woke up @ 7 am today and I can’t believe it! I am ALREADY late for work! I don’t know how I did it but I took a shower for less than five minutes, not sure what clothes I got from my messy closet and off I go. When I got in the train station, I waited for 10 minutes (trains usually arrived 3 minutes apart) so yeah, my patience was running out. I feel like screaming! After waiting for the train which seems like an eternity for me, I finally saw a ray of light! Yeah! This is gonna be a great day (or so I thought!).

I look at the train’s clock and it shows 7:25 am (I am supposed to be at work 7:30 sharp!). Totally freaking out! There were so many stops! I don’t believe it! I keep on hearing, “We are sorry for the delay, we are standing momentarily waiting for signals ahead. The train will be moving shortly”. God! After a few seconds I heard, “We are sorry but due to the construction on the Brown Line station, all trains are using SINGLE TRACKS to the Loop”. I am so pissed! I’ve never been this MAD in my life! Why do they have it to be this day?

My patience is at my limits already. I start to rummaged my back pack. I started reading “Running With Scissors” and though the book is hilarious, I couldn’t find any energy to laugh at least just because of the situation am in! The hilarity of my situation really ticked me off! I am so mad! I can’t concentrate reading! I check my wrist watch, 7:50 am….I am so screwed! Totally screwed! I am not gonna make it on time (really!)

I wonder how many train stops do I have to endure before I reach my freaking destination. Seven stops, eight, or probably more. I don’t know! The train finally start moving then stop again (for goodness sake!), I wanted to pull out my hair! God! Instead of agonizing I’ve decided to call in sick rather than be scolded for my tardiness. I am not late. The stupid train ruined my morning (perhaps my day!).

I am now home and I am just venting out all my morning frustrations here in my blog.

Love me or hate me. I don’t care. If you hate me, you’re stupid.

My Worst Habit(s) and my excuses

     My absence from blogging for a short period of time has nothing to do with the way I live my life. But mostly because of having no particular idea what to blog about lately. It seems that I am losing my touch, blog wise–that is to be more precise.

     I have been trying to brainstorm myself since yesterday and my thinking cap seems to dried up also. It’s ridiculous! I almost panic! Me?! Clueless?!? That is not surprising and quite frankly, it scares me a bit. After drinking a quick fix of my favorite coffee this morning, a sudden thought came to light! Aha! What a genius I’ve become! Isaac Newton must be on my side! My sister Abby is home and she doesn’t appear to be busy. In fact, yesterday she was complaining how bored she’d become after graduating from Nursing school and passing NCLEX. Her boyfriend suggested that she re-read her Nursing books and re-take the NCLEX exam that is if she is inclined to do so. Goodness! I could’ve been the person to tell her so but alas, that idea didn’t came to mind.

     Aside from our parents, Abby is the only person from Mars (just kidding!) who seem to know me from head to foot. Why not? We grew up together, punched each other on the face a hundred times when we we’re kids and argued a lot. I know for sure that having me in her life, is a blessing (being sarcastic here 🙂 *lol*). With pen and notebook in hand, I randomly asked my sister, “What are my worst habits?”. My question seem to have taken her aback that I had to repeat my question again. She replied, “What?” After a few seconds of silence, I thought she didn’t hear me and I was about to ask her again when she said, “What are your worst habits?” So, I began to scribble while my sister is too busy enumerating my habits (I call them my “flaws”) and she is quick too! The gall of the girl! Tsk tsk…

1. Staying too long in the computer.

    My excuse: My butt is stuck on the chair and I don’t know how to get up!

2. Not cleaning the room (my bedroom, that is!)

     My excuse: I’ll do it tomorrow!

3. Cancel queen (she’s saying this because I often cancel my appointments with her). Appointments meaning we have to go shopping or go somewhere!

     My excuse: Errr, do you take rainchecks?

4. Waking up late on my day off.

     My excuse: I am not a morning person. Gimme a break!

5. Loves to procrastinate (a lot).

    My excuse: There is no excuse. I am guilty!

6. I don’t pick up the phone.

    My excuse: Why? It doesn’t say I have to pick it up! Besides, whenever it show that it is an “unknown caller”, it means that the caller doesn’t want to be known so why should I bother?

7. Impulsive buying.

     My excuse: They’re on sale, alright!

8. Turning on both of my laptop and desktop computers at the same time and don’t know which one to use.

    My excuse: I certainly have no clue why I do this and it boggle me so.

9. Reading books simultaneously and never having the time to finish either books.

   My excuse: It bores me to death if I leave my books unopened.

10. Worrying too much.

   My excuse: What am I supposed to do then?

11. And the last but not the least, drinking too much coffee.

    My excuse: I suffer a tremendous and irreversible headaches if I don’t drink coffee. Do you think this is pyschological?

So there! That’s my sister verdict! Fellow bloggers, ask your sister, brother or the person whom you think knows you better! Their reply would surprise you too!

Broken rose

I remember the day I made my Mom cry. I am not a hostile person and I don’t harbor ill feelings towards anyone especially my family…or Mom. Vivid memories of my childhood no matter how happy or tragic it was, still haunt me like it only happened yesterday.

I don’t recall of ever saying how much I love my Mom. In fact, I grew up with a lot of insecurities, being rejected openly is the key to my aloofness when I was growing up. Being alone most of the time made me feel complete and happy somehow. I think my cousins think I am some kind of a nut case back then though they never said a word, actions speak louder than words.

Waking up in the morning and eating breakfasts together with my family is one of the most exciting part of childhoold. I would openly sit in the corner with Juki, our family dog, and eat voraciously. Though I would rather stay that way, me being oblivious with all the hooplah and endless chatter from my family, Mom would always look at me and not say a word about the situation.

I would often locked myself in my bedroom, listen in the radio, read a book and just be myself. I was a loner. I am still a loner. If you ask me now if I would do the same thing I did back then, I would honestly admit that no, I wouldn’t dare do the same thing again. I love being with people, all the people that love and care for me, I wouldn’t even trade them for any thing in this world.

I remember the morning I made my Mom cry. I couldn’t get up. My body ached horribly. I complained of having a terrible headache. I thought I would die right there and then. I was sick for months. My Mom patiently cared for me and though she never utter a single word of how I felt like I was some kind of a burden to her, I know that she love me. During those days, I would pretend that I was sleeping and I would hear my Mom sing a childhood lullaby. Mom never tried to finish the song. Her singing is often replaced by silent sobbing. Hearing my Mom cry for me is the most unforgivable and unforgettable thing that ever happened in my life. It hurt like my heart is being cut into a thousand pieces and never be in one piece again.

How could I hurt my Mom like that? Why did I let my Mom suffer so much? Those are questions that I still ask myself after so many years. I considered myself a broken rose then. As I recall of the past, I am glad I have Mom in my life. I know for sure without any doubt that my Mom will never read this (she’s not into computers…:) ), let me at least dedicate this open letter for her.

It’s a simple yet powerful message for you, Mom….Arigato gozaimashite. Okasa, I love you.

Am I such a bookie?

If you are one of my closest friends, you would surely know that I have a certain affinity for books. I love reading so much. My mind is in constant ripple of chaos if I don’t get a hand on any kind of book. I am not sure why but I feel agitated if I am not reading any book. In fact, I bring 3 different books in my backpack everyday (be it a hardcover or paperback!). My room is loaded with books, magazines, and crumpled paper. They call me a ‘junkie’ at home and though I am not proud of my namesake, I somehow feel glad that I am a junkie.

I am almost done reading PREP (by Curtis Sittenfeld) and there are 4 more books lined up for me to read next: Running With Scissors, Water For Elephants, How To Be Good and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I am hoping that I will soon finish reading all of them as I have yet to read another recommended book by a friend titled “Criss Cross”. I am curious about what the book is all about but I am not  going to search anything about it in the internet. I hate spoilers. I love to read irony…lots of irony, in fact.

My favorite authors so far are: JK Rowling, Sophie Kinsella, Curtis Sittenfeld, Kurt Vonnegut, Dan Brown, Nick Hornby, David Sedaris, and Jodi Picoult. I also love the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, John Steinbeck, Joseph Heller, Willa Cather et al…

Well, anywho…I better start reading again.


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Self Quizzie

1. What’s your middle name?
Ann according to my birth certificate though I never use my middle name.
2. Where were you born?
Quezon City, Manila
3. Where have you lived and where do you live now?
For most part of my childhood, I lived in the province of Bicol with my grandparents. I’ve spent 6 ½ years in Manila but my parents decided to moved in Bicol when I started 1st grade until high school. I’ve moved to Manila again for college and stayed there for almost 2 years. I now live in Chicago for almost 11 years. I would probably live in Mars 600 years from now 🙂
4. What do you do for work? Are you in your desired profession or are you working toward something else (what?)?
Right now, I work full time in a financial institution in downtown Chicago. I prefer to work as an environmentalist or something to do with animals (zoo perhaps?) . When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer and a teacher but I realized that I don’t really have the patience to teach children. I am pursuing a career in IT business.
5. Do you collect anything? (If so, what?)
Yes, I am a junkie. I collect basically anything I like. I collect: used stamps, foreign coins, books, manga (Japanese comics), stationery, postcards and newspaper clippings.
6. Do you have a particular affinity for anything?
Animals especially dogs, cats and birds (I am a proud parent of 6 cockatiel birds! Yeah!), green tea, books, coffee, shopping (?).
7. What’s your view on religion and/or spirituality? I believe in God and though I am not really spiritual, someday I know He will come.

Growing up (childhood/teenage years):

1. What is your most vivid memory?
The first thing that come to mind is…jogging on the weekends with my parents & siblings. A day in the park, a picnic with my cousins, and hiking with my friends. Also, my cousins and I would stay up late at night playing this game called “Patintero” and we used to have a bonfire and roast kamote or bananas. Gosh! I missed those days!
2. What is the most random memory you’ve recently remembered? I have this grade school classmate who came to class (everyday!) with a huge booger on her nose, a breath like a rotten veggie…

3. What was your favorite toy (one for all of your different ‘phases’ is okay)?
Barbie doll! Nah, I never own one. I love yo-yo.
4. What was your favorite book? Did you read it again as an adult? How did your perception of the book change, or did it?  Growing up in the city with a lot of different things around me to pass by the time, reading books is not my priority. I remember that I used to watch all the crappy shows all day long on weekends and I sort of liked the idea of wasting my time. My Dad used to complain then why I keep on watching television. I kind of admire my Dad how he had so much fun reading books by George Eliot, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway and Pearl Buck. One day, as I was rummaging through my Dad’s books, I found this book “The Gift of Acabar” by Og Mandino and as I leaf from pages to pages, it gave me the energy and curiosity to read the book from page one to the last page. Later that night I asked my Dad that I went through his stuff earlier and I innocently confessed to him that I like reading the Gift of Acabar. The book gave me new perspective about certain things in life and later that week, I received a present from my Dad. It’s my very own copy of The Gift of Acabar he bought on the way home from work. I was so happy I could cry. I re-read the story so many times in my life and I am glad that my Dad didn’t gave up on me J

5. Were you indoors or outdoors more often? I like being outdoors especially during spring, summer and fall seasons. I prefer to stay indoors on winter as I can’t barely stand the frigid and freezing weather here in Chicago.
6. What music did you listen to (again, by ‘phase’ is okay)?
Mostly 80’s & early 90s music especially new wave and emotional ballads from Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Taylor Dayne etc. I listen to a variety of music like the Beatles, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Tears for Fears, Eva Cassidy, Corinne Bailey Rae, Enigma, Nat King Cole, Josh Kelley, Jason Mraz and Japanese/Korean music.
7. Were you radically different as a teenager than you are now? If so, how? Not sure about radically different but I think I am more self confident, mature, and open-minded now compared when I was a teenager. Through the years, I learned to be more open-minded about the views and opinions from other people and not being critical on certain issues.
8. Given the choice, would you have preferred video games, board games, or the arcade?
Well, this is a hard one. I am not a video or arcade games fan but I can certainly assure you that I absolutely enjoy playing board games! Scrabble, anyone?

Random Questions:

1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?
Superhero? Let‘s see…I would really like to have Superman’s strength, Wolverine’s courage, Optimus Prime’s leadership and Wonder Woman’s beauty!
2. What’s your favorite color and why?
RED! I love RED! I just think it’s a happy color and they say that people who like red are passionate. So, I guess I am a passionate person J
3. What type of animal is your favorite? Why?
Domestically speaking, I like dogs. They are so cute and cuddly and they give you so much love without being prejudiced.
4. Not considering anything except looks (ignore gas mileage, cost, etc), what vehicle would be your next purchase? Hybrid car…environment wise!
5. Name three things you’re good at.
Cooking, shopping, and reading!
6. Name three hobbies that you’ve had in the past.
Collecting song hits even though I am not particularly musically inclined. I think, I’ve spent half of my allowance on song hits and my Mom used to complain about it.
7. What hobbies are you currently pursuing? Hmmm, crocheting or knitting. Nah, I am so bad with those so I’ll stick to reading and blogging.
8. What kinds of music do you listen to (no cop-outs on this question… I want specifics!)?
Neo soul/neo jazz, pop, world music, oldies…something that will relax and stimulates the mind.
9. Do you prefer movies or television? Why?
Movies because they are easier to watch. I mean, I don’t have to wait for another week to know what’s gonna be in store for the main characters in the TV shows.
10. What TV shows have you watched all episodes of? Smallville, I think.
11. What type of movie is your favorite and why? On this question, I’d like a description of the genre or style, not specific movies (but maybe as examples).
Probably chic flicks. Any movie with a good sense of humor, a little romance, adventure, mystery and a great story line will do.
12. How do you recharge when you’re physically and/or mentally worn out? Reading a good book with a cup of coffee next to me.
13. Tell me something I don’t know about you.

Do you really want to know? Call me…J

14. Tell me a strange habit that you have.
I prefer to remain silent about this as I am strange enough to write something strange about my strange habit.
15. Write a haiku.

I have to think about this one….

16. Describe your favorite article of clothing.

Cool, hippie and unique clothing style but not enough weirdness to it that people would think I am a Martian.
17. Describe your favorite used-item purchase (e.g. from a thrift store, resale shop, antique store, etc).
Prada purse! Bought it for 8 bucks and after I cleaned & shined it, looks more like worth a million bucks! J
18. What kinds of food are “comfort food” to you? Do you make it yourself?

Home cooked meals by Mom….feels more like home to me.
19. What makes you feel “old?” Does it worry you, or do you laugh about it?
Constant nagging from my siblings. They give me enough headaches and wrinkles. I don’t worry too much about my looks but I do think about how I would look like 25 years from now. Yeah, I imagine creepiness is not impossible.
20. Recommend three websites: one blog link, one serious link, and one humorous link.

Serious link:

Humorous link: Blog link: