Relax (Body, Mind, and Soul)

Ways To Relax:

1. What does relaxation mean to you? How do you feel when you are relaxed? Write a list of relaxing words on an index card and keep it at your desk as a reminder.

2. Express creativity. All you need is a “little kid” coloring book with old favorite cartoon characters, an extra large box of crayons, and no artistic standards. And don’t be afraid to color outside the lines!

3. Clean out the clutter. Mental clutter may keep you from falling asleep, but physical clutter can affect you as well. Take some time this week to clean up the piles of clothes, stacks of magazines, or numerous knick-knacks that are cluttering your bedroom. A simplified environment serves as a natural sedative.

4. Are you constantly looking at your watch while WAITING in line at the supermarket? Are you impatient before an appointment or until your children’s lessons are finished? Treat yourself to a “waiting enhancer.” Carry a favorite magazine or paperback book in your bag to while away the time pleasantly.

5. Carry an umbrella. Being prepared minimizes stress. So purchase a few small, fold-up umbrellas. Leave one in your car, another in your attache, or at the office. Then you’ll never worry about getting caught in the rain.

6. Take a jog or an aerobics class. More than 70 percent of people say that they don’t work out because they are too tired., but what they may not know is that exercise is a great stress reliever. If you break the fatigue-inactivity cycle, you will be rewarded with relaxation.

7. After a tiring day, soothe those tight muscles by filling the bathtub with 2 cups of Epsom salts and hot water (stimulating but not scalding). Sink into the tub and lunge with a towel or bath pillow behind your head. When the water begins to cool, stand up and turn on the shower. Rinse off with a blast of cold water, then end with a warming stream.

8. Aroma Therapy. Essential oils are highly concentrated essencesderived from plants and flowers. Relax with the sedating scents of lavender, lemon balm, Roman chamomile, neroli, ylang ylang, and clary sage.

9. Write your own horoscope. Some mornings don’t you just wish the overgeneralized newspaper horoscopes were right? Make believe. “Grab the brass ring and do what you have wanted to do for a long time,” or “The stars are right for romance.” Live today with that possibility.

10. Postpone procrastination. We often put off unpleasant tasks. We stall because we are afraid of making decisions or mistakes. This just prolongsour tension and discomfort. Figure out the reasons for your procrastination. Then, don’t delay. Do it now!


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