Idotmatrix is my  pseudonym in cyber world. Although I am just another blogger, I am also a REAL person. I have a lot of things to say about me or what is going on around me. If you think that I am quite “mysterious” I will just take it as a positive compliment. I thank you for reading my blog. Also, if you are not yet bored reading, I have included “50 Facts About Me.” Read on…


1. Bubble tea with extra tapioca is my favorite summer drink.

2. Arithmetic is my archenemy. I just suck at it. Period.

3. I can’t read a map. Does it mean that I have no particular direction in life?

4. I am bad with directions. I don’t see the difference between East, West, South, and North. Yes, I really DO NEED a GPS!

5. Electronic calculator is my ‘life saver’

6. I sleep when I am upset.

7. I hate scented candles.

8.  I bruise easily (YES, it is a song by Natasha Bedingfield)

9.  I can still do cartwheels!

10. I am right-handed (actually ambidextrous). I discovered I could write with both hands. I still prefer writing using my right hand 🙂

11. I don’t know how to knit. I envy those who has the ability to do the actual knitting. I think they are so cool!

12. You can always find me reading somewhere in a bookstore 🙂

13. I don’t have patience.

14. I gave up on  Sudoko a long time ago.

15. I like doing laundry but hates folding clothes. There’s just too much hassle!

16. I love singing in the shower.

17. I snore when I sleep.

18. I wear red lipstick when I want to feel sexy (uyy!)

19. I am in my early 30s.

20. I am a laid back kind of person. I don’t take myself seriously. Life is too short anyway.

21. I dislike people who doesn’t know how to say “Thank You”.

22. I am lost without my glasses.

23. I bought a vintage GE portable record player from Ebay last year. Thought of keeping it as a present for myself but I ended up giving it to my parents because they like it so much. They just couldn’t believe such player exist to this day! 🙂

24. Procrastination is my worst habit.

25. Coffee is my weakness.

26. I write poems when am inspired/motivated.

27. Walking barefoot in the beach (with someone) is my idea of a romantic getaway/date.

29. I am unpredictable.

30. I  enjoy watching indie films.

31. I love the color Red.

32. My family and friends are my most prized possessions.

33. I am scared of horror movies.

34. I love football! Go BEARS!

35. I had a huge crush on Donnie Walhberg from NKOTB back in high school, thus I call myself “Donnie’s Cover Girl” (oh…so shameless!).

36. Writing is my passion.

37. I drink occasionally.

38. The Simpsons is my favorite TV show. I’ve missed so many episodes. I can no longer keep up with the show 😦

39. I don’t drive.

40. I am sometimes obnoxious.

41. My friends think I am funny.

42. I believe in love at first sight.

43. Jewelries suffocates me. They’re too expensive anyway!

44. I laugh at funny jokes.

45. I dislike people who talk about their sex life in public. I’m sorry for eavesdropping though.

46. Sushi is another addiction of mine.

47. I am ‘masungit’ (my siblings told me so!).

48. I watch English movies with subtitles.

49. ‘ Geek In the Pink’ by Jason Mraz is my favorite song on my iPod.

50.  I am fascinated with Asian cultures and traditions.


6 thoughts on “Who is IDOTMATRIX?”

  1. @icsx: LoL! Told ya, I got bizarre hobbies! I collect postcards k’se and feeling ko, I’ve been to different places in the world hahhaa! Exciting mangolekta ng basura (a quote from my sister lol). Wassap?

  2. @homebodyhubby: you are more than overqualified hehehe! i think we’re both nuts coz we like to blog about our pets. i wish i could make a personal blog about my cockatiel birds and beagle pup but not right now kse busy me. i’ll just mention them here from time to time 🙂 thanks for dropping by my blog, posting comments and i hope u dont mind if i add u in my blogroll?

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