Handwritten TAG



These are the books that I am able to take pictures of. I know they’re a lot but can you imagine that I have A LOT MORE? Some of my books are still in boxes and my Dad kept them in the basement. I just love READING! Yes, I have read them and I think I have to re-read them all over again! 🙂


Another addiction of mine is, mangolekta ng Japanese manga (comics) or anything related to Japanese animation.


Music, music, music! As you can see, nilagay ko lang ganyan cd’s k’se I am kinda tired now after all the heavy lifting (blame it on my books!) I did earlier. I also like listening to any kind of music even though I can’t understand what they’re singin’ about. 

Thanks for tagging me Rhapsody! I am tagging EVERYONE around the cyberspace to do this and have some fun! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Handwritten TAG”

  1. @Jeangrey: Oyy thanks sa pagbisita dito. Yung promise ko sayo di ko pa nalilimutan. Do u guys pay for “tax” when u get a small package from overseas? Kse medyo makapal yung Chicken Soup.

  2. @ Rhapsody: Ay naku! Very interesting talaga tong book na Can You Keep A Secret (Sophie Kinsella). Hilarious, romantic and I really like Brit humor. Nakakilig-kilig to hayy…kakainlove!

    Ty for tagging ulit. Post ko next week. Ready ko pa yung christmas tree lol!

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