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Where art thou Britney Spears?


Okay..okay…I am guilty. I used to like Britney Spears. I like her music (who could ever forget ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ or Oppss..I Did It Again?…certainly NOT moi!). I bought a few of her albums and downloaded some of her songs illegally from the Internet. I fell in love with her “innocent” image years ago.


So..what ever happened to you Britney? Honestly, her VMA performance was a huge and total disappointment. I thought she would pull it through but it looked like she didn’t wanna be there. Her performance used to electrify the stage and the fans would go mad about her but her recent stage stint is somehow “lifeless”.

People ridiculed Britney’s performance, her weight, her outfit, and her kids. I don’t think Britney’s fat but her outfit…she could’ve worn something that would flatter her figure. Yeah, she got 2 kids now but hey, she look fab for a woman with 2 kids!

By the way, I like her new song”Gimme Gimme More.” I wish Britney goodluck and hopefully, she’ll make a succesful comeback in the music biz!