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What’s in your backpack?

So..yeah…if someone would ask me what’s in my backpack I wouldn’t think twice to say that mine’s loaded with tons of clutter. A few years back, I’ve read in a certain magazine that whatever inside your bag reflects your personality. I am not sure if its true but to give it a try, let me check what’s in my bag right now.

1. Burt’s Bees lip gloss—I probably bought this one a couple of years ago, do you think it’s expired?

2. A pack of Wrigley’s doublemint gum—Chewing gum help me think…sort of.

3. The Lovely Bones (hardcover book) by Alice Sebold—I am quite intrigue by the story even though I just started reading this book a few days ago. Interesting story, if I say so myself 

4. Electronic organizer– would you think that having this geeky organizer will help me get organize? Think again…a present from my Dad.

5. A variety of ballpoint pens (in red, black & blue ink) and mechanical pencils.

6. Tiny booklet where I could write something when something boggle my mind.

7. Crossword and Sudoku puzzle book–Ahh…here’s something that can  occupy my mind while I am waiting for the L train.

8. City map–Yes, I carry a map which doesn’t really help me coz I can’t even understand the darn thing!

9. Coin purse

10. ID/Debit card & checkbook

11. Bottled water

12. Cellphone/Mobile

13. First Aid kit

14. Lipstick

15. Dental floss

16. Hand sanitizer

So, what’s in your backpack?

Gloomy day in Chicago


I really wanted to take a picture of lightning outside since we have a rainstorm combined with thunderstorm here in Chicago right now. I guess, I was not able to capture a picture perfect view of what I really like to show here in my blog. I used my camera phone because I don’t know where my sister put her digicam. I will write a blog about the weather later…