Back from hiatus

After a few months of hibernation, I can finally say that I am back from my untimely hiatus. Having not so much to write about in my blog, I have decided to get a little break from blogging last year. I don’t know if anybody missed me or not but nevertheless, I am back with such vigor and my writing cap seems to be back in full force. I just hope that I won’t bore anyone with senseless blab from me. Let’s keep our fingers X’s then.

Where should I start? A lot of things happened in my life during my absence. No…no…no…I am not married yet nor in any kind of relationship or whatsoever. I am proud to be single (singles unite!) and just basically enjoying my life. I’ve spent so much time in bed before and after the holiday rush (Christmas & New Year’s) late last year. My allergies were so bad and I definitely had to take a lot of allergy medicines (which I really hate) to cope up with everything. Not much of an excitement honestly and the weather didn’t help either. I guess, I pretty much had a maddening holiday. I don’t want to waste anymore of my breath by writing how bored my holiday season was so let me write something else.

I will be attending my very first Anime Convention here in Chicago next month (hooray!). I am excited because I am going with my anime/manga buddy Sharon. I have always been an anime and manga enthusiast ever since I was in diaper (hahaha!) but I am starting my New Year with a bang. I will definitely post pictures here in my blog so just wait and hold your horses fellas.

KUDOS to fellow bloggers, surfers, lurkers for visiting my site. Special thanks to those cyber kadas who dare left messages for me (while I was in hiatus!).  I won’t mention any names but you know who you are guys! You guys rock! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Back from hiatus”

  1. Awww… nung April ka pa pala nandyan?
    Hehe, nasira modem namin after Holy week, kaya din dumalang posting ko since April (kakatamad kasing lumabas para mag-net). Pero ngayon okey na uli, almost one week nang may connection sa bahay — naka-DSL pa. 🙂

    Singleness? no problem… If being married is a gift (maski childless marriage pa), so is singleness.
    That’s right — just enjoy life whatever the gift is. 😉

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