Boots Boots Boots!!!!

Whew! I’ve been looking for my winter boots since last night. I pleaded to my younger brother to help me look for my lost boots. I wouldn’t be spending 2 hours searching for my boots if I can just remember where I’ve kept them. I knew that I always put them somewhere in my closet and yes, my closet is not big enough. I don’t really own a huge amount of clothes and honestly, my entire wardrobe need a make-over. I haven’t really got the time to sort all of my clothes and my summer clothes are still in my dirty laundry. Can you believe how disorganize I am? Better believe it dude. I know am sorry but I am not really sorry, ya know. In the back of my mind, I know where I usually keep my belongings and “abubot”. If I live alone, I wouldn’t be this dis-organize but anyway I don’t really want to blame my siblings although yeah, they are guilty. Did I just contradict myself….again? Hmmm…well…kinda.

After cooking Korean noodle/ramen or whatever you may wanna call it, I went downstairs and started looking for my lost boots. While searching for my boots, I glance on the other corner and found out that I have some dirty bedsheets that needs to be wash. It doesn’t take much time to do laundry (I just hate folding clothes, honestly!) so I let the washing machine do the work. I am such a genius, right? Right, so back to my booties. I am not aware how many pair of shoes I have but mostly I like wearing rubber shoes. I don’t buy expensive-brand-name-shoes since they are too expensive but when I do, I buy them on sale. Hell! I am not gonna buy something that’s way out of my budget!

Today is probably my lucky day because I didn’t spend hours and hours looking for my boots. I found them in less than 20 minutes which is by the way, a record holder for me. Hahaha! Great! Oh look, I also found my sister’s Ugg boots (Whoa! didn’t know that she got an Ugg booty! Should I try it on or loan it from her? Now that’s a thought…). Enough of that, I am going out later with my sister so hopefully we’ll be able to take some cool snapshots.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot about my laundry….

4 thoughts on “Boots Boots Boots!!!!”

  1. The embedded music in your site —> natasha bedingfield’s , sounds really good. Easy listening. Maganda ang musicality and the quality of the voice, very nice!

    Anyway, back to the lost boots which were found within 20minutes( Haha! ), musta naman kapag may nawawala? Hehe. Mega hanap. Ako rin eh, may pag ka HINDI OC. at naiisip ko rin yang kongklusyon na kapag mag-isa ako hindi magiging ganito. which is malapit ng mangyari.

    Matanong ko lang, sang parte ng mundo ka ngayon?

  2. @Icsx: I absolutely adore Ms Bedingfield’s voice! She’s my fave right now and yeah, her bro Daniel Bedingfield is such a cutie pie *yum* lol.

    Annoying k’se sometimes kapag may nakikialam sa gamit ko esp when my siblings “clean up” my room. Appreciated ko naman yung ginagawa nila but usually pag may gumalaw ng things ko, nahihirapan ako maghanap so I just rather clean my own room 😦
    I live here in Chicago with my family 🙂 lamig nga eh brrrrr!

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