Comments, missing?

Ok, ok…is it time for me to panic now or what? I just checked my email a few minutes ago and found out there are 2 comments on my post waiting for approval. I log in to my account, read the comments and approved ’em. I clicked “view site” to see if the comments were there and to my dismay, it didn’t show up! Wtf?! I probably made a mistake so I check Akismet and see with my own blurry eyes if I indeed made a terrible mistake and I accidentally deleted them. Nay, it wasn’t there! What am I suppose to do now? A lot of thoughts, possibilities, and weird scenarios are now running through my head and I can’t figure out why the hell I couldn’t find those two comments that my fellow blogger posted? I did approved them alright and I dunno why it won’t show up on my “Isn’t he cute” post? I copy and paste the link on my browser, click the “go” aka “enter” button and why would it say that “Oops, no comments on this ID. Go back.” That is just plain stupid! Well, I dunno what to do now so lemme just copy and paste ICSX comments.

you’re blog is sooooo neat! i envy you. lolz!

thanks sobra sa pagbisita at pag-greet sa akin.
at ngayong natagpuan ko na ang blog mo , I believe I’m going to frequent here as often as I can. Thanks uli.

Comment 2:

“horrific, violent, morbid and bloody movies”

I hate them too. My knees tremble after I try to watch one of those kinds.

So there, I’ve finally vented out my frustration. My apologies to I’ll try to figure out what happened earlier lol. I better eat breakfast muna or I’ll stay cranky all day long. Mahirap mag-blog pag gutom lol* Thanks a lot for the visit and I’ll link you up, ok?

Isn’t he cute?


What a cutie pie! I mentioned in a previous post that I recently rented Ratatouille from Blockbuster and I am really glad that I did! The movie opened a whole-rat-new-world for me and throughout the movie, I didn’t feel bored watching it. In fact, I was ecstatic the whole time! If you’re like me who can’t really watch horrific, violent, morbid and bloody movies, I highly recommend this movie. I just love watching animated movies…movies that crack me up. I didn’t get the humor of Napoleon Dynamite however. I just don’t dig the nerdy character the actor was playing. I’ve watched a lot of movies and here are the few worst movies (in my own point of view!). No need to hate me peeps!

  • Open Water: Really now? Why do you have to fight off sharks and just gave up everything in the end?
  •  Jeepers Creepers: Huh?!? Another one of those “high school themed” movie where the actors were totally trying to scare themselves to death but appear to be really faked!
  • Wax: Paris Hilton? Geez, am I suppose to applaud Ms. Hilton’s forgettable scary performance? Lame story, lame actress. Period.
  • Final Destination: Chop off body parts check. Stupid story lines check. Forget it.

Muscle Cramps 101

Is it just my freaking imagination or am I just hallucinating? Once in a blue moon, I get muscle cramps. It seldom happen but when it does, it hurts like hell and a few weeks ago, I can’t even walk because of the severe pain I was having. I’ve discussed this baffling dilemma to a few of my friends and trusted online friends and I always get the same reaction from them: I need potassium. Potassium? I know for sure that by eating banana will somehow help me get the “potassium” I need. Problem is, I EAT BANANA every single day! Either it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know I am being whiny but I forgot to mention that my job require me to stare on the computer and sit all day long. Not an easy feat, I tell ya. Just for the heck of it, I got an email from my online friend Max saying;

  • Treating a Cramp of the Calve (Gastrocnemious)
  • If the cramp occurs in the right Calve, you can apply pressure while sitting or lying down. Place. left foot over the right instep and pull the right foot towards you, and push with the left foot, using as much pressure as you can, causing contraction of the lower leg muscles, thus relieving the cramp. If the cramp occurs in the left calve, reverse the procedure.

    I am a bit of a dork myself so I googled “muscle cramps” and here’s what I found out:

    Muscle cramp


    A muscle cramp is a sudden contraction of one or more of your muscles. The result can be intense pain and an inability to use the affected muscles.

    Common causes of leg cramps in athletes are overuse and dehydration during sports played in warm weather. Injury, muscle strain or staying in the same position also may cause muscle cramps.

    Writer’s cramp affects the thumb and first two fingers of your writing hand and results from using the same muscles for long periods. At home, you can develop muscle cramps in your hand or arm after spending long hours gripping a paintbrush or using a garden tool.

    Other causes of muscle cramps may include circulatory or nerve problems. Some muscle cramps occur during rest. A common variety of muscle cramp occurs in your calf muscles or toes during sleep.

    You can usually treat muscle cramps with self-care measures.

    Signs and symptoms

    Signs and symptoms of a muscle cramp include:

    • Sudden and sharp muscle pain (spasm, contraction), often in your legs
    • A hard lump of muscle tissue that you can feel or is visible beneath your skin


    Overuse of a muscle, dehydration, injury, muscle strain or simply holding a position for prolonged periods of time may result in a muscle cramp. Athletes who become fatigued and dehydrated while participating in warm-weather sports frequently develop muscle cramps. Muscle cramps in your legs also can result from:

    • Inadequate blood supply. Narrowing of the arteries that deliver blood to your legs (arteriosclerosis of the extremities) can produce cramp-like pain in your legs and feet while you’re exercising. These cramps go away within a minute or two after you stop exercising and stand still.
    • Nerve compression. Compression of nerves in your spine (lumbar stenosis) also can produce cramp-like pain in your legs. The pain usually worsens the longer you walk. Walking in a slightly flexed position — such as you would when pushing a shopping cart ahead of you — may improve your symptoms.
    • Mineral depletion. Too little potassium, calcium or magnesium in your diet can contribute to leg cramps. Some diuretic medications prescribed for high blood pressure cause loss of potassium.

    Muscle cramps are also part of certain conditions such as nerve, thyroid or hormone disorders, diabetes, hypoglycemia and anemia.

    When to seek medical advice

    Most people experience cramps only occasionally. These usually go away on their own and don’t require medical treatment. However, if you experience frequent and severe muscle cramps, see your doctor.


    You can usually treat muscle cramps with self-care measures. Your doctor can show you stretching exercises that can help you reduce your chances of getting muscle cramps. Making sure you drink plenty of liquids also can help. For recurrent cramps that disturb your sleep, your doctor may prescribe a medication to relax your muscles.


    These steps may help prevent cramps:

    • Avoid dehydration. Drink plenty of liquids every day, generally at least six glasses of water or other beverages daily. The exact amount depends on what you eat, your sex, your level of activity, the weather, your health, your age and any medications you may be taking. Fluids help your muscles contract and relax and keep muscle cells hydrated and less irritable. Drink fluids before any exercise activity. During the activity, replenish fluids at regular intervals, and continue drinking water or other fluids after you’re finished.
    • Stretch your muscles. Stretch before and after you use any muscle for an extended period. If you tend to have leg cramps at night, stretch before bedtime.


    If you have a cramp, these actions may provide relief:

    • Stretch and massage. Stretch the cramped muscle and gently rub it to help it relax. For a calf cramp, put your weight on your cramped leg and bend your knee slightly. If you’re unable to stand, try pulling the top of your foot on the affected side toward your head while your leg is in a straightened position. This will also help ease a back thigh (hamstring) cramp. For a front thigh (quadriceps) cramp, use a chair to steady yourself and try pulling your foot on the affected side up toward your buttock.
    • Apply cold or heat. Use a cold pack to relax tense muscles. Use a warm towel or heating pad later if you have pain or tenderness, or take a hot bath.
    • By Mayo Clinic Staff
      Jul 17, 2006

    © 1998-2007 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER). All rights reserved. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. “Mayo,” “Mayo Clinic,” “,” “EmbodyHealth,” “Reliable tools for healthier lives,” “Enhance your life,” and the triple-shield Mayo Clinic logo are trademarks of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

    My own conclusion: I have to stretch some more, eat a healthy diet, drown myself with fluids and if problem persists, consult my doctor. Period.

    Seven Facts About Me

    I know it took awhile for me to reply back but here’s my response to Rhapsody’s tags:

    1. I am a junkie collector. I love collecting different kind of things that I find interesting. I collect almost anything that has to do with Japanese animation (DVDs, videos & anime soundtracks), Japanese manga (comics), used stamps, postcards from different countries, Sanrio stationery, books…books…books!

    2. I am a voracious eater. I have a huge appetite. I could eat like a horse and I couldn’t care less about my weight. When I wanna eat something, I MUST NOT STOP and DEPRIVE myself from starvation.

    3. I love reading. I get irritated and bored when am not reading. The more books that I read, the more I realize that I don’t know anything. My favorite authors (so far) are: Jane Austen, Paolo Coelho, David Sedaris, Curtis Sittenfeld, Nick Hornby, Dan Brown, Patricia Cornwell, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Joseph Heller, Agatha Christie, Augusten Burroughs, Tom Reynolds, Kazuo Ishiguro, Dodie Smith et al.

    4. Impulsive buyer. I buy cosmetics that I don’t even use. I buy clothes that doesn’t even fit me (for the lone reason that I don’t like trying clothes when shopping). I buy dog food that my dog doesn’t even like to eat. I used to buy cat food and I totally forgot that my cat passed away years ago. I buy anything on SALE. If I have millions, I’d probably buy the Barnes & Noble bookstore along Michigan Avenue, live there and drown myself with tons of books :).

    5. I don’t fall for a guy because of his looks. I usually fall in love because of the guy’s unique personality, wicked sense of humor, sensibility, and siempre rin nabobola ak0. It takes awhile for me to really, really like a guy. It’s not because I am picky but I am “shy” lol. I don’t kiss on first date. I don’t kiss and tell. What happens in Vegas, stays in Chicago :). I have a crush on Mr. McDreamy but I doubt the idea of him having a crush on me so yeah, I’ll just savor the moment of watching him oozing with male sexuality on Grey’s Anatomy *yum*. However, when I do LOVE someone, I give my utter BEST.

    6. I am moody, unpredictable and I can’t understand a map. I can’t read a map. I don’t understand any single thing about west, east, north and south. I would rather google and get directions from Mapquest.

    7. Family oriented. I love my family dearly although I feel like am a slave (lol).

    So there…feel free to hit me back with your comments, feedbacks…either positive or negative…I have nothing to with it. Blame it on keeps on going… going…going goinggg…goinggg!


    Naked Tree


    It would seem funny that I now realize something: my life is like a tree. It has so many ups and downs. So many obstacles and if am not strong enough, I will surely give up. I admire this particular tree outside my house though it stands alone, it does not lose hope because after the treacherous and frigid winter season, it will become alive again.

    When I moved here in my current residence, I never really understood the meaning of living alone. I’ve always wanted to live alone, by myself, away from my siblings and family. I still haven’t experience living alone because I always wanted to live with my family. There will come a time that I will move away from home. I wonder when it would happen but I always knew deep in my heart that I will move away and live alone with someone.

    So now, as I am admiring this tree outside I feel a little bit nostalgic about the thought of moving away someday and leaving my family behind. Too many memories. But just like trees, I must learn how to move on and accept changes.

    photo taken: 11-14-07 *idotmatrix*



    One of the things that I am not particularly fond of during the holiday season is when I get a bunch of unwanted catalogs from different companies. They have all of these “sweet words” written on their catalogs, offering endless “great deals” to unsuspected buyers. I rarely purchase anything from mail catalog because it is hard to return items and if I call their 1-800 number, I usually spend 15 to 30 minutes waiting for someone to pick up my call and hear my complaints. And if someone from their customer service would pick up and I hear a voice which I think usually sounded like someone from outer space, “Tank you pore calling, how can I helppp yew?” Gosh! Can I just speak with an “American” please? Usually they don’t get what am I trying to convey so my blood pressure will rise up…enough for Krakatoa to erupt.

    Also, in this picture, it says that this will be my “final catalog.” Hello! It’s not like I made a request for them to send me their god-awful catalog! The visibility of the little sticky note on the catalog is not very clear since I am only relying on my camera phone but anyway, here’s what the text say:

               FINAL CATALOG: We won’t bother you with unwanted catalogs….We’d rather save paper and trees. So this could be your last issue. Please order today if you wish to receive future issues. IF YOU WANT NOT, WE’LL WASTE NOT.

    Hahaha! Are they being sarcastic here? Or were they just threatening me to order something? I was hoping that they would stop and I thought they did..finally…stop.. sending me catalogs but alas here it comes again! Another stupid catalog. What ever happened to “we’d rather save paper and trees?” Ha! Practice what you preach!

    Oh well…guess I just have to ignore and throw their catalogs. Bye bye catalog-phobic!

    Wonderfully Blind

    Wonderfully Blind

    I wonder when this ever
    complicated world
    of ours will suddenly crumble and crush
    your will of living,
    will your sufferings be forgotten?

    I wonder when you
    woke up this morning and honk
    your car in earnest,
    did you even think that you are
    not alone?

    I wonder when I phoned you
    yesterday were you even
    aware that I called?
    Were you even listening
    To my little voice and wonder
    That I too, exist?

    I wonder why your name
    pops up to mind
    as I am writing my thoughts?
    Silly thoughts you may say
    and I disagree my friend,
    because you are blind.

    *idotmatrix* 11-13-07