As far as my eyes can see


Photo taken by Abby (my sister) on her trip to the Philippines 10/24/07


11 thoughts on “As far as my eyes can see”

  1. I really missed seeing awesome sceneries like this — ABOVE THE CLOUDS! 😀 the last time i “flew” was more than a decade ago when i was sent by my former employer for a JICA training in Japan.
    I do enjoy more the flyings than the stays abroad 😆 … maski nakaka-jet-lag. hehe

    thanks for visiting — my blog, and most of all our NATIVE LAND! 😉

  2. @homebodyhubby: i love traveling, too but i always get that quesy feeling whenever i am on an airplane 😦 it’s been awhile since i last visited Pinas. it’ll be cool if i am gonna be able to visit Pinas—hopefully next year! *keeping my fingers X”

    don’t worry about it, i like your blog, too esp your hamsters. they’re so awfully cute! i would really like to have a ferret though 🙂 the reason why i like ferrets? aside from being cute, i like their flexibility lol* i am such a whacko! hahaha

  3. Hello! You’ve been tagged 🙂

    and as to photo: sana ako rin makakuha ng seat malapit sa window para ma-aprreciate ko yung mga clouds. the last time kasi na lumipad ako nasa gitna ba naman ako ng plane. grr.

  4. @ icsx: hindi ba pwede mag-request pag bibili ka ticket that u wanna be seated near sa window? kse dito pag mag-travel u can ask pag gusto mo umupo sa may window or sa may pakpak ng eroplano lol.

  5. @ rhapsody: oo nga nakakatakot yung first time (nge!) na sakay airplane. i always get the feeling na baka kako mag-crash airplane kaya tinutulugan ko lagi. at least kako pag nag-crash di ko naramdaman…hayy i am such a chicken! exciting and u feel like u can do everything coz you’re way up there. i am the king of the world!

  6. wow, feeling ko ako si Superman habang tinitignan tong pix. hmmm.
    asan am pelepens?

    so it is true! at a distance, everything vanishes ; )


  7. @chillidobo: feeling ko rin ako si supergirl! hehehe. somewhere down under located ang pinas…iba iba kulay…kala ng sis ko iba iba kulay ng lupa but then hindi pala…”yero” pala.

    yes, its a distance, everything vanishes…somehow you’ll feel like you can reach any thing beyond your capabilities. exciting, thrilling, scary but the possibilities are endless 🙂 (that’s how i felt like when i was up there)

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