Seven Facts About Me

I know it took awhile for me to reply back but here’s my response to Rhapsody’s tags:

1. I am a junkie collector. I love collecting different kind of things that I find interesting. I collect almost anything that has to do with Japanese animation (DVDs, videos & anime soundtracks), Japanese manga (comics), used stamps, postcards from different countries, Sanrio stationery, books…books…books!

2. I am a voracious eater. I have a huge appetite. I could eat like a horse and I couldn’t care less about my weight. When I wanna eat something, I MUST NOT STOP and DEPRIVE myself from starvation.

3. I love reading. I get irritated and bored when am not reading. The more books that I read, the more I realize that I don’t know anything. My favorite authors (so far) are: Jane Austen, Paolo Coelho, David Sedaris, Curtis Sittenfeld, Nick Hornby, Dan Brown, Patricia Cornwell, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Joseph Heller, Agatha Christie, Augusten Burroughs, Tom Reynolds, Kazuo Ishiguro, Dodie Smith et al.

4. Impulsive buyer. I buy cosmetics that I don’t even use. I buy clothes that doesn’t even fit me (for the lone reason that I don’t like trying clothes when shopping). I buy dog food that my dog doesn’t even like to eat. I used to buy cat food and I totally forgot that my cat passed away years ago. I buy anything on SALE. If I have millions, I’d probably buy the Barnes & Noble bookstore along Michigan Avenue, live there and drown myself with tons of books :).

5. I don’t fall for a guy because of his looks. I usually fall in love because of the guy’s unique personality, wicked sense of humor, sensibility, and siempre rin nabobola ak0. It takes awhile for me to really, really like a guy. It’s not because I am picky but I am “shy” lol. I don’t kiss on first date. I don’t kiss and tell. What happens in Vegas, stays in Chicago :). I have a crush on Mr. McDreamy but I doubt the idea of him having a crush on me so yeah, I’ll just savor the moment of watching him oozing with male sexuality on Grey’s Anatomy *yum*. However, when I do LOVE someone, I give my utter BEST.

6. I am moody, unpredictable and I can’t understand a map. I can’t read a map. I don’t understand any single thing about west, east, north and south. I would rather google and get directions from Mapquest.

7. Family oriented. I love my family dearly although I feel like am a slave (lol).

So there…feel free to hit me back with your comments, feedbacks…either positive or negative…I have nothing to with it. Blame it on keeps on going… going…going goinggg…goinggg!



4 thoughts on “Seven Facts About Me”

  1. 2. ako rin before… when i was so ‘yatot’ nyeheheh pero ngayon parang di na kasya lahat…

    4. nakupo. isa ka rng aksaydo. minsan bibili tapos di naman isusuot o kaya isusuot ng isang beses tapos itatambak na lang.

    anyways, thanks for doing this meme…

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