Naked Tree


It would seem funny that I now realize something: my life is like a tree. It has so many ups and downs. So many obstacles and if am not strong enough, I will surely give up. I admire this particular tree outside my house though it stands alone, it does not lose hope because after the treacherous and frigid winter season, it will become alive again.

When I moved here in my current residence, I never really understood the meaning of living alone. I’ve always wanted to live alone, by myself, away from my siblings and family. I still haven’t experience living alone because I always wanted to live with my family. There will come a time that I will move away from home. I wonder when it would happen but I always knew deep in my heart that I will move away and live alone with someone.

So now, as I am admiring this tree outside I feel a little bit nostalgic about the thought of moving away someday and leaving my family behind. Too many memories. But just like trees, I must learn how to move on and accept changes.

photo taken: 11-14-07 *idotmatrix*


2 thoughts on “Naked Tree”

  1. hi sis!
    i share the same sentiment… i grew up with my family.. always with them and am so dependent on them. like… i don’t know & can’t imagine how to get by without them..

    i took the risk of spreading my wings when i decided to work abroad… twas extremely difficult the first 6 months away from home, from my family, especially from my mom, coz we’re like twins. eventually i cope up and even without anyone with me now.. i think i can handle it.. pero syempre mas masaya kung anjan pa rin ang family dibah… haba na nito.. parang blog ko na toh ah.hehehe

  2. So interesting to read your comments. I understand where you’re coming from. Maybe in time you’ll see things differently. I too have a lone tree outside my window and am constantly amaZed by it. To me this tree embodies strength, beauty, independence and life. I’ve grown very fond of the tree outside my window.Best to you.

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