One of the things that I am not particularly fond of during the holiday season is when I get a bunch of unwanted catalogs from different companies. They have all of these “sweet words” written on their catalogs, offering endless “great deals” to unsuspected buyers. I rarely purchase anything from mail catalog because it is hard to return items and if I call their 1-800 number, I usually spend 15 to 30 minutes waiting for someone to pick up my call and hear my complaints. And if someone from their customer service would pick up and I hear a voice which I think usually sounded like someone from outer space, “Tank you pore calling, how can I helppp yew?” Gosh! Can I just speak with an “American” please? Usually they don’t get what am I trying to convey so my blood pressure will rise up…enough for Krakatoa to erupt.

Also, in this picture, it says that this will be my “final catalog.” Hello! It’s not like I made a request for them to send me their god-awful catalog! The visibility of the little sticky note on the catalog is not very clear since I am only relying on my camera phone but anyway, here’s what the text say:

           FINAL CATALOG: We won’t bother you with unwanted catalogs….We’d rather save paper and trees. So this could be your last issue. Please order today if you wish to receive future issues. IF YOU WANT NOT, WE’LL WASTE NOT.

Hahaha! Are they being sarcastic here? Or were they just threatening me to order something? I was hoping that they would stop and I thought they did..finally…stop.. sending me catalogs but alas here it comes again! Another stupid catalog. What ever happened to “we’d rather save paper and trees?” Ha! Practice what you preach!

Oh well…guess I just have to ignore and throw their catalogs. Bye bye catalog-phobic!


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