All worked up

I haven’t been blogging lately. I know that and I am aware of that fact. There is no excuse actually. It’s not because I am being lazy but I have been working like a mad woman for the past four weeks. There are so many paper works that needs to be done at work but not enough people to do the actual job. Self pity, perhaps? That’s how I feel, at least.

I am not actually complaining but I really missed all the good-and-not-so-good-times I usually have during my two days off. But not lately. I have to work 6 days a week (whoa!) with not enough time for some relaxation. My boss has been firing her people lately and I don’t exactly know what is going on her complex brain. She just keeps on firing people and not hiring back up! So yeah, I am stuck with all the work that is usually the job for five people! Ouch!

I had a terrible day yesterday. Yeah, Veteran’s Day and I heard it’s supposed to be a “holiday.” Anyway, I don’t wanna keep on venting how terrible my day was but I could definitely assure you that I had a blast at work. Since it’s Tuesdays @ Blockbuster and I just had the sudden urged to rent movies. Sort of a “movie therapy” for me, to release my stress. I haven’t seen any good movies lately because I simply don’t have any extra time to spare. I plan on watching them this week. I’ve rented 9 movies thus far and just finished watching the Transformers and Shrek 3. I love the Transformers! What an awesome movie! It gave me a bit of an headache ‘coz for once I thought my whole world we’re spinning spirally. Fantastic graphics! Yes, Optimus Prime! I feel so sorry for Bumblebee though. I am sooo glad he didn’t die in the movie!

Shrek the Third is a bit disappointing though. I didn’t quite like the storyline this time. I didn’t think it was hilarious compared to previous two releases. I still love Donkey and Puss and yeah, those little Donkey dragons and little cutesy ogres! I guess, they were running out of story lines. Not sure if they are gonna make Shrek 4 but if they do, I hope that they will have something more hilarious scenes and more great punchlines! What ever happened to comedy this time?

Thanks to all of you who visit my site and read my blog entries (just wishful thinking here). Also, to my fellow bloggers Rhapsody and Girl Interrupted, thanks for tagging me and I will have my reply soon. Okay, I’ll do blog hopping now.



2 thoughts on “All worked up”

  1. hayee sis! i thought i left you a comment here yesterday.. maybe an error that’s why it;s gone? but anyway, im welcoming you back after a stressful work u have..

    sobra naman kasi.. she’s like my boss.. who’s firing his staff also no replacement.. kaya ayun laging disaster ang projects…

  2. oh no i didn’t get anything from my mailbox prolly it was an error 😦 thanks for the nice welcome hehehe. medyo busy k’se coz there’s a lot of work and by the time i got home, i am already dead beat. i can’t even watch my fave shows lately. i just wanna lie down and sleep. my boss is from hell. so far, she’s nice to me but i just can’t understand why she keep on firing her people and she doesn’t wanna hire any back up. so yeah, basically i am stuck with a lot of work…too much! gusto ko na nga lang tulugan trabaho ko pero di pede lol! kaya heto lagi na lang ako nakasimangot hahhaa!

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