If I say that I am honest with every little thing that I do would you even dare to believe what I mean to say? If I suddenly perish amongst lost souls searching for the true meaning of this cycle we people call life, will you even care that I exist? If I bluntly and selfishly ignore all these words that are raging through my head and waiting to burst some time soon, will you even have enough courage to decipher the mysteries inside? If my world will suddenly crumble and lost its meaning, will you even think that I was once yours?

If I knew that I would be doubting my existence now, I wouldn’t mind being born again and when it happens, I will be truly grateful over and over again that I have met you. But people changed. Time changed. Every little thing changed. Seasons changed. And I, too have changed. I am rambling not because I am just another inker but because I care.

I care because I am letting you go…

4 thoughts on “If”

  1. eto ba un sis??

    it’s really a good and sane decision to let go of someone if you are certain that person can’t reciprocate the love you have for him. there’s no use shedding tears for him, cguro mahirap at masakit lang sa umpisa pero in the end at least may matututunan ka.. and that is not to hope.

    i always advice my girl friend na hindi lahat ng guy na makilala nya at magparamdam sa knya ay totoo o may gusto sa knya para hindi siya madismaya in the end. but this thing i can’t tell to my guy best friend. maybe i have said once…

  2. hmm, hindi ‘to. nagtrip lang ako pero totoo ‘to. im still thinking how am i gonna “approach” yung topic about the past. sometimes, letting go of someone is the best and only way to move on with life. u know what? i dont believe sa sinasabi nila na, “kalimutan mo na yun” or something like that. i can always forgive, and yeah forget but not truly forget k’se kumbaga, yung “ugat” nasa heart mo pa rin lol*

  3. hahahahaha!!!

    i think mahirap tlga.. madali lang i-advice pero kung ikaw ung mismong ina-advice-an mahirap tlga.. ung friend ko nga ganyan, trying to forget pero sa tuwing nagpapramdam ung guy parang lagi siyang nagdadalawang isip kahit pa ilang beses na syang nasaktan.

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