A-Age: 100 (perfect score!)

B-Band Listening to right now: Not a band but I am listening to Britney Spears’ Blackout album. Nice songs, love the beat, and I’d like to think that she’s back. I just hope the media will just leave her alone.

C-Career: Frustrated blogger 🙂

D-Drink or smoke: Occasional drinker. If blowing bubbles would make me a smoker then I’d say yes I am a smoker. Unfortunately no, I don’t smoke. Say NO TO SMOKING!

E-Easiest Friends To Talk To: Maurice

F and G: N/A

H-Have a boyfriend(?) Is this a true or false question?

I-In love: “Love is like a sharp razor; it cuts deep” (idotmatrix)

J-Junk food you like: Potato chips

K- N/A

L-Longest ride ever: Driving without any particular destination is the longest ride I ever had with Moo. We we’re supposed to hang out @ Borders but we ended up getting lost in the suburbs.


N-Names for your future kids: I have an idea but I don’t wanna jinx it.

O-One wish you have right now: Globe trekking with a bunch of friends.

P-Phobias: I am Acrophobic and Brontophobic.

Q-Favorite quote(s): People only see what they are prepared to see (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

R-Reasons to smile: The simple fact that I am breathing is enough reason for me to smile.

S-Sleeping time: Around 10 pm central standard time.

T-Time you woke up: 9:30 am

U-Unknown fact about you: Trivia freak

V-Vegetable you hate: Saluyot

W-Worst habit: Procrastination

X-Xrays you’ve had: Heart

Y-Yummy foods: Fishball, pancit canton, Yakisoba, Isaw, Suman, Bicol Express, barbecue, burrito, chicken teriyaki, Udong noodle, Korean pancake, siopao, atbp.

Z-Zodiac sign: Cancer (does it mean I am Cancerous?)