Burned out

monalisabald.jpgOh boy, I just got home from work and I am obviously stressed out. I feel like I am about to collapsed from exhaustion. The crappy weather we have here in the Midwest added to my frustration. My poor eyesight is not helping either. I can’t see clearly. I hate my glasses. I look weird before but I am much weirder now. What a nerd!

My Romanian friend, Octavia and I we’re chatting at work earlier and I was complaining about my hair. I told her about my crappy hair and how fast I am losing my hair. She suggested that I SHOULD start using Rogaine. Rogaine?!? Hah! I didn’t say that I am bald but I am soon to be bald. Let’s say, 10 or 20 years from now, you’d see me wearing a toupee. I imagined myself looking like Donald Trump countless times and yeah, it’s terrible. Scary? You bet!

Oh well…I guess Rogaine will help (for now). Argghhhh! 

3 thoughts on “Burned out”

  1. u better use contacts.. pero tamad na ako kaya i prefer wearing my specs.. nerdy look nga eh pero walang magagawa..

    losing hair is normal.. but if it’s too much ewan ko kasi ganyan din ako. maybe it’s because of the chemicals, like if ur into hair rebonding or something.. or the shampoo ur using..

  2. @ Rhapsody: Naku talaga! Sawang sawa na ako sa eyeglasses ko. Habang tinititigan ko glasses ko para akong maiiyak sa kapal. Kulang na lang gamitin sa chem lab glasses ko…parang magnifying glass lol! Next time, kukuha na ako ng contacts. Mas ok raw contacts kaso mas ok rin daw lasik..what if magkamali doctor? Eh di lalo ako nabulag nyan! I can’t see without my glasses, very dependent ako sa glasses ko. Nerdy talaga!

    My hair: “to kasing hair ko maarte. sanay k’se to sa coconut milk at avocado. Nung lumarga ako from Pinas at napunta dito hala…na-culture shock pati mga hair ko! nagtampo! ayun, naglalagas na…buti na lang yung ano ehem lol…hindi! hahaha!

  3. hahahah ano ung ano? hahahaha

    tlga as in ganung kakapal na? sa akin tumataas pa rin ang grado. tamad na ko magcontact lens may natitira pa ko pero dahil tumaas na ulit ang grado ng mata ko di ko na mgamit.. ung panglinis ng contacts pinamigay ko na lang.

    i wanna try LASIK also pero takot din ako. magtitiis na lang akong mag-specs or contacts cguro…

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