I am in the middle of glacially covered environment and I don’t know why. My whole body is aching and I started shivering from the frigid cold. If I try to move, the ferocious and unforgiving wind will surely get me and it is pointless to fight Mother Nature.

I tried to focus on my surroundings and I found no one—not a single soul in sight. I am in such a tangled mess and I am not sure how to untangle myself from this twisted dilemma. Everything seems blurry and I can’t vividly see the reason why I am in this such horrid place. Is this my fate? Maybe…not.

I tried to blink my eyes not once but more than twice. I can’t decipher any thing at all. I am probably going mad. Do I have to scream and cry out for help? Even if I do so, no one can hear me. I thought of crawling and going back to the place where I came from but I don’t have any energy left. Complete torture…this might be hell that people talk about.

Darkness alone is my only companion. Numb from exhaustion, I finally succummed to oblivion. In my mind, I heard far away voices calling my name. I can’t open my eyes. I felt something heavy obstructing and preventing me from breathing. I am going to die. I can’t breathe. Oh, this is probably a heart attack. I don’t know for sure.

I still can’t open my eyes and I know this will take awhile, I have to do something. I suddenly become frantic and nervous. I don’t know want to die a gruesome death. No matter how painful this will be, I have to open my eyes.

I finally able to muster enough strength and I did opened my eyes. Feeling disoriented and confused, I found myself alone in my bedroom, sweats running in my forehead and my dog Nakey gawking at me.

What a nightmare! Thank goodness! Everything was just a horrible dream! I hope to never have this kind of dream again. I think I am a bit scared to sleep after this nightmare.

I better start saying my prayers before bedtime, you think?


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