Constant Change

I was awakened by the sudden cold arctic blast this morning. Though I am aware that summer season is over and people already welcomed autumn, I am ashamed to admit that I on the other hand, is not ready for any seasonal changes—yet.

The cool and chilly morning breeze in the early morning hour with no single traffic in sight is what I always, always love about autumn season. I like the feeling of cold air enveloping my body while I am having my morning fix—coffee. I know that autumn season may look melancholic and gloomy for most people, but for no particular reason at all,  I still enjoy the chilly temperature.

Yet, I am already complaining about it earlier this morning. It is probably because I am not ready for any ‘changes’. I would like things to stay as it is. The constant change that my life has to go through everyday is somewhat baffling to me yet I am also enthralled by all the phases of growing up I am experiencing.

Change is what makes us afraid of accepting anything that comes into our lives. And because of that, we often doubt ourselves and lose confidence. I know for a fact that this is true. I also have a lot of insecurities in life and yes, I doubt myself, my decisions in life and the future. I’ve think about stuff that I can’t even easily fathom alone and it is tough. To quote, “no man is an island” is definitely true.

I still don’t know how to deal with all the “changes” but my Dad once told me,”If you have no idea what to do next, go read a book, enlighten your mind, and think again”. I think, this is the best advice that my Dad ever gave me 🙂


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