Anger Management

I am so pissed this morning! I slept late last night, I set my alarm clock @ 5 am so I can wake up early and be at work on time. I never heard my alarm clock ring! I woke up @ 7 am today and I can’t believe it! I am ALREADY late for work! I don’t know how I did it but I took a shower for less than five minutes, not sure what clothes I got from my messy closet and off I go. When I got in the train station, I waited for 10 minutes (trains usually arrived 3 minutes apart) so yeah, my patience was running out. I feel like screaming! After waiting for the train which seems like an eternity for me, I finally saw a ray of light! Yeah! This is gonna be a great day (or so I thought!).

I look at the train’s clock and it shows 7:25 am (I am supposed to be at work 7:30 sharp!). Totally freaking out! There were so many stops! I don’t believe it! I keep on hearing, “We are sorry for the delay, we are standing momentarily waiting for signals ahead. The train will be moving shortly”. God! After a few seconds I heard, “We are sorry but due to the construction on the Brown Line station, all trains are using SINGLE TRACKS to the Loop”. I am so pissed! I’ve never been this MAD in my life! Why do they have it to be this day?

My patience is at my limits already. I start to rummaged my back pack. I started reading “Running With Scissors” and though the book is hilarious, I couldn’t find any energy to laugh at least just because of the situation am in! The hilarity of my situation really ticked me off! I am so mad! I can’t concentrate reading! I check my wrist watch, 7:50 am….I am so screwed! Totally screwed! I am not gonna make it on time (really!)

I wonder how many train stops do I have to endure before I reach my freaking destination. Seven stops, eight, or probably more. I don’t know! The train finally start moving then stop again (for goodness sake!), I wanted to pull out my hair! God! Instead of agonizing I’ve decided to call in sick rather than be scolded for my tardiness. I am not late. The stupid train ruined my morning (perhaps my day!).

I am now home and I am just venting out all my morning frustrations here in my blog.

Love me or hate me. I don’t care. If you hate me, you’re stupid.