In love?

I’ve always considered dating as one of the hardest part in my life. Dating is still a mystery to me as I often wonder the difference between dating and being on a steady relationship with someone. Back in my teenage years (this may sound so ancient to me), I never thought about “dating” would make a huge impact in my life now that I am 30 years old. Having crushes with boys in my high school is a normal phase for a curious, childish, and happy-go-lucky person like me (that was then). I would have to admit that I had a few crushes during my high school years and although I don’t consider myself popular, I would still get love letters/love notes from my so-called “admirers”.

I never had a steady relationship while I was still in the Philippines. I guess I never thought about having a boyfriend because i would constantly hang out with my girlfriends. My Mom used to be so strict about her daughters meeting boys and now that I turned 30, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It’s a good thing that my Mom no longer nag me about the opposite sex or whom I date but I usually get phone calls from her asking “when I am getting married”. Hah!

Seriously, it’s a baffling dilemma and my Mom’s not-so-sudden change of tactic is horrifying for me! I guess, it’s her way of saying, “now you’re an adult, go find yourself a fine husband, give me grandkids, and live happily”. Honestly, it never occured in my mind that someday my Mom would be so persistent and worried about me not getting married.

Yes, I think about the future but I don’t want to waste my time thinking about what might be or what might not happen in the future. I don’t even keep a certain time table for myself because I believe that when it happens, it happens. Someone will definitely cross my path and who knows….we might end up being together. That’s the spirit…:)


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