10 Things I Hate (or least like)

FOOD: Indian/Mexican food. I’m sorry but I just can’t stand the weird smell.

FRUITS: Strawberry

VEGGIES: Brussels sprout

PEOPLE: Gossip mongers, pessimists.

EVENT/SITUATION/INCIDENT: Any situation where I feel like I am in the middle of a very tedious and critical scrutiny from everyone.

TV SHOWS/MOVIES: Reality shows especially The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Movies? Hmm, there are quite a few where I ended up disappointed. Let’s see…oh yeah, Jeepers Creepers and Open Water. Honestly, it was a huge mistake and a total waste of my time watching those two movies mentioned above.

MUSIC: Rap music (some of them got nothing to sing about but just cursin’)

HOUSEHOLD CHORES: I hate doing my laundry.

THINGS AROUND THE WORLD: Discrimination, poverty, war, violence, global warming, animal cruelty, crimes, terrorism, traffic etc…

THINGS ABOUT MYSELF: I procrastinate a lot, worry too much and very unpredictable.