Personal blah blah blah

I haven’t been able to post anything lately here in my blog. The fact that I am somewhat clueless on what I would like to talk about is what keeping me in an idle stage. One of my habit is to procrastinate a lot and it’s hard to admit that I am a bad procrastinator. I planned on doing my laundry yesterday but I ended up doing something else. Browsing through heaps of dirty clothes, old magazines/newspapers, and a bunch of books in my bedroom, one could easily tell that I am in need of help. Someone who would clean my room and organize my paraphernalias, that is. I finally got a one week vacation from work and I think, I will use the time to clean everything at home (esp my bedroom) and get organize soon.

I had a boring and tiring Labor Day holiday because I worked. It was tough to wake up early in the morning knowing that everyone’s home and I was the only person in my household who would be working and get pissed at the end of the day. I didn’t even bother to ask my siblings what they did because I was too tired to even ask them. Instead of wasting my time watching all the dumb shows on TV, I’ve decided to sleep early. I think it was worth it because I have been depriving myself of sleep (too much caffeine, I must say).

My family is a cross over between the Simpsons and a ‘normal’ typical dysfunctional family. We are too dysfunctional that I can’t even understand how dysfunctional I am. It makes me wonder and laugh knowing that I enjoy being part of a unique family like I have. I guess, I am just grateful for having them in my life.

Well, I better end this one as I am about to become too emo and mushy…hahaha!