Ahh..holiday? I don’t think so…

I got some free time today so why not write something here in my blog? I have not been able to post anything for the couple of days. Well, life can be so overwhelming sometimes and by the time I knew a it, a whole day passes by. I’ve been working like a maniac lately and I was really hoping that I would get some free time (day off) on Monday because it’s Labor Day holiday. I went through my organizer and it said that Monday is holiday. Unfortunately, my work apparently changed the sked and those employees who are scheduled to work Monday (on a regular basis) MUST come to work even though it’s holiday! Crap! I got so disgusted yesterday when we had a meeting about it that I even forgot that I am on a diet! LoL* I think I consumed  2 cheeseburgers, 1 large fry, 2 apple pies and a large cup of coffee (dark! no sugar!) Hahaha! I am such a glutton especially when something pisses me off and yesterday’s sudden outbursts is not an exemption (according to my imaginary rule book!). Oh well….sh*t happens, ya know!?!



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