Harry Potter…Order of the Phoenix movie

A few weeks ago, I’ve decided to watch the new Harry Potter movie (Order of the Phoenix) with my siblings Abby and Ron. Although I have seen all of the previous Potter movies, I am a bit doubtful about the new HP movie. Based from my past HP movie experience, the undeniable disappointments of how the movie producers interpreted Harry Potter, I have come to realized that they did a very lousy job.

I think that they have taken out a lot of important facts in the books. It’s like having a shortcut. As an avid Harry Potter and JK Rowling fan, I really wish that they didn’t “rush” making the movies. I think that I keep on comparing Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings trilogy movie interpretations. I also love Lord of the Rings (especially the books) and they really did an explendid job of making the movie and the writer’s imagination seemed like more a reality.

There are two more remaining Harry Potter movie installments and soon I will be rambling (again!) how the movie goes. I hope it will be not another lousy disappointment on my part.


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