To be or not to be….

It’s Tuesday morning and although I slept late last night, I am quite relieved to know that I am once again blogging my thoughts here. I woke up a bit dizzy and groggy probably because I haven’t been exercising. I am aware that staying healthy is important and I do admit I have been slacking a lot. Earlier this year, I started a rigorous diet/exercise so I could stay fit but you know me, I like to do things at once and quit at the same time. I even managed to cut off on carbohydrates and eat fruits more (I love fruits, by the way especially cherries *yum*) and also, drinking green tea. I also think that I have also lost some weight…probably 3 to 5 pounds altogether. Now that its halfway through the year, I am now almost freaking out because I haven’t been able to lose all the weight that I made myself promise earlier this year! Goodness gracious, do you think that I would somehow grow up and just do things that I am suppose to do? As my friends would say….probably NOT! Well, in that case…let me get another box of chocolate that I stack somewhere….



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