Sleepless Night

The clock ticked at exactly 10 pm and I am once again deprived from another sleepless night. I would usually get a book and read hoping that sleep would soon consume my body. Perhaps, thinking so many things in a short period of time is not healthy. I am not even aware of the fact that I have been having insomnia for the past few days not until after I looked myself in the mirror and what an awful sight! Puffy eyes and it seems that my eyebags are about to pop out. I look comically weird.

Not sure how my insomnia could easily affect my daily routine but even if I work my ass off, I would still not feel tired at all. My body seems to give up or is it just my imagination? I wonder how I can be so naive in some ways that I could hardly even fathom. Ahhh…is it because I’ve watched too much TV shows lately? I would like to let you know but for now, let me get another cup of coffee…..


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