25 Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die…

1. Fall in love

2. Globe trekking

3. Meet my grandparents (Mother side)

4. Write a book

5. Get out of debt

6. Read all the books that I have in my mini library

7. Enjoy life to the fullest

8. Get married

9. Learn two new languages or more (preferably Japanese or Korean)

10. Form a support group

11. Be organize

12. Watch all the 100 Movies listed on Top 100 Movies of All Time

13. Go bungee jumping (just for the heck of it!)

14. Meet the Dalai Lama

15. Hiking with friends

16. Have my own Starbucks store or book shop

17. Be on radio

18. Ride a bullet train

19. Skydiving (err…do I really wanna do this?)

20. Star in my own movie

21. Eat ALL the foods that I LOVE (without worrying about gaining weight!)

22. Have a family reunion

23. Write a journal

24. Work as a movie producer (hhmmm…this is just wishful thinking, perhaps?)

25. Study photography


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